Taste Dinner at The Glynne Arms, Hawarden

I was lucky enough to be invited to one of the soft launch dinners at (brand spanking new) ‘The Glynne Arms’ in Hawarden over bank holiday weekend, and will always treasure the fact that myself and best mate Emma were the first guests ever through the door (eager beavers, no chance of us being fashionably late for this venue!)

Knowing from so much experience exactly what it takes to get a good quality pub off the ground in terms of concept, build, design, finance, kitchen, suppliers, staffing, training, on-line and off-line marketing, menus, values etc etc etc – I was bowled over.

What a beautiful pub, and as far as I’m concerned – the more independent, very good quality pubs in our region – the better. A great pub will always serve as the very heart and soul of a community, and if The Chester Fields in Bridge Trafford is anything to go by – it will attract all sorts of interesting people from right on the doorstep to much, much further afield.

A little bit about the food; To start, Emma had the Hawarden Estate black pudding Scotch egg with peas, feves and shoots (which was lovely) but I did feel that I pulled the long straw on the night with the Pantysgawn Welsh goat’s cheese arancini with chilli tomato salsa. Absolutely divine. Two options again for main course, and we were evenly matched this time with the presentation and quality of both the Seared mackerel fillet with a warmed potato, beetroot and horseradish salad (the mackerel was from the Wirral, you could taste how unbelievably fresh it was) and the Handmade beef burger (served with dry-cured bacon and 14-month mature cheddar on a toasted herb bun).

Desserts were also superb and we shared the Black forest trifle with cherries & kirsch, and the Iced nougat parfait with candied fruits, passion fruit & mango.

Its a lovely thought that such good quality produce can actually be served on your plate in under an hour, straight from the Hawarden Estate itself. WOW.

The interior is something that you need to go and see for yourself, I have put some images into this blog, but I doubt they will do this incredible venue the justice it deserves. And the staff uniforms are well worth a visit all on their own …

Thank you to Toby, Alan and the team – and especially to little Izzy (number two) who was super duper and looked cute as a button in her uniform issue Converse !

Good luck, you just need a Hawarden Estate B&B now ..

Thanks for listening

Izzy (number one !! ) x