Welcome to We Love Cheshire

Over the past few months, I have been thinking about ways that I can develop Cheshire Hospitality to engage with more (potential) clients and many more consumers, and what it is that both groups need the most from a communications and social media partner. So, I asked a fair few friends and colleagues…
What would motivate them to go and choose certain Bars, Restaurants, Boutiques, Gastro Pubs, Farm Shops, etc over others in and around our (stunning) county?
and the results were incredibly interesting to say the least.

I will disclose those results over the coming weeks and months, but needless to say they all agreed that some sort of on-line magazine with lovely photography, current & up to date content and easy to use, downloadable vouchers would be more than useful… And with that in mind, I started to develop We Love Cheshire. This will essentially be an on-line magazine as suggested, but it will also be a great deal more, so please join me for what promises to be a very interesting journey. And I insist that we have a great deal of fun along the way!

Right now you can follow us on Facebook and twitter while our on-line Cheshire emporium is being created…. and if you have any great ideas then please SHOUT!

We would sincerely LOVE to hear from you.