Now CHESHIRE has its own Hero that participates in the world famous AFRICA RACE to DAKAR.

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5 Countries – 6000 kilometers – 12 Stages


A word synonymous with the ultimate Adventure that makes the eyes of every Petrol-Head light up.

For Formula 1 drivers its Monte Carlo.

For Long Distance Track Racers its Le Mans

For Motorcycle Road Racers its the Tourist Trophy on the Isle of Man

For all Rally Enthusiasts  its the DAKAR RALLY known now as the AFRICA RACE – a legendary race.

The premiere in December 1978 from Paris to Dakar started a yearly tradition to test the Endurance and quality of both riders and machines to the absolute Limits.60 participants have lost their lives since the first event, underlining the extreme conditions of competition and racing. Since 2008 the original Organizers switched the Rally  to South America due to terrorist threats against the main sponsors company.

Therefore, 5 years ago SANANGOL picked up the flag and organizes the AFRICA RACE in the tracks of the original DAKAR race.

THE CHESTER FIELDS Country Pub and Restaurant identifies  with this famous challenge, to be the best amongst worthy contenders and therefore sends its own rider to participate in this years Dakar AFRICA RACE.

THE CHESTER FIELDS is putting Cheshire on the world stage.


The principles of commitment, performance and endurance  required to contend in this race are at the heart of the corporate identity of THE CHESTER FIELDS Country Pub and Restaurant.

The vision, preparation and training necessary to participate in this world class event reflects the commitment of  THE CHESTER FIELDS Country Pub and Restaurant to position itself, above all the rest of the Pubs and Restaurants in Cheshire in terms of unsurpassed quality of product and service for its customers and corporate clients.

Come, visit and see for yourself. …………. and watch how Cheshire takes on Africa – follow the SIGs progress in the Race.

We love Cheshire !!!!! ( Thanks Izzy Grey for lending us your slogan!)

By The Chester Fields Country Pub & Restaurant

Press Contact: Izzy Grey
07788 975912