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On Tuesday 9th April, the ‘Magnificent Seven’ set off from Chester, Cheshire and travelled to Whitehaven in Cumbria for a 3 day cycling event in support of Chester Boughton Hall Cricket Club.

15 years ago the club invested in its future by building cricket practice lanes at the ground. It is estimated that over 2000 young cricketers have benefited from learning the game under the guidance of Chester Boughton Hall. Many of those young cricketers have now become full members and enjoy all the fabulous facilities on offer. However after 15 years of heavy use the club needs to once again invest in its young cricketers so that, like their predecessors they can help build on the 130 years of history that this club is so proud of.

The team from Boughton Hall are always delighted to team up with their long standing friends The Lord’s Taveners. As a community based club, Boughton Hall has its doors permanently open to young people, regardless of their background or ability and stands firmly alongside The Lord’s Taveners in its aim to encorage physical activity through the sport that they love.

This week, 6 club members led by Chairman Graham Vernon embarked on a three day cycling event. The 135 mile Coast to Coast from Whitehaven in Cumbria to Tynemouth in Newcastle Upon-Tyne lay before them as they attempted to raise funds for the new facilities and The Lord’s Taveners. The other 5 team members were former first captains Jeremy Jordan and Jim Gilson, alongside current first team skipper Steve Ogilby, Cheshire batsman Warren Goodwin and club coach / Cheshire batsman Lee Dixon.

The odd shapes and forms of these MAGNIFICENT men were challenged to their limits by the task and with club captain Chris Fleet introducing an elite team alongside the main ‘peloton’ including an international field of athletes (plus Snippy!), competition was fierce!

A HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to all the boys for completing their immense task and as this Blog ‘goes to print’ they are on their way home with a well deserved sense of achievement and one or two very sore bottoms!

If you would like to sponsor any of the clubs 2013 Calendar of Events to support this very important community facility, please contact Graham Vernon via the website

The final hill