Paul McGann’s Rocketship to land in Chester’s ancient Roman Amphitheatre

Gun Test at Beeston Castle

Paul McGann’s Rocketship to land in Chester’s ancient Roman Amphitheatre


The company behind the star-studded film being made in Cheshire plans to land a rocketship in Chester’s Roman amphitheatre. Although the rocketship exists only as a model inside a computer, the team will invite attending fans to join in by acting as if they see the spectacle for the camera, with makeup artists and wardrobe assistants on hand to help. After some digital effects wizardry the rocketship will be added and the footage will be made available to the world’s media to publicize the film.

A similar event was staged at Beeston Castle in August, when an alien weapon to be used in the film was test- fired with shocking results as you can see here:

At 11.30am on Saturday 14th September that alien pistol, carried in the film by Paul McGann’s character Durian, will be delivered ‘by rocketship'(landing in the amphitheatre) to the Grosvenor Museum in Chester where it will remain on display until needed for filming. In advance of that filming the prop has already been bought by an overseas fan as part of the crowd-funding campaign which is financing production.

The original series of The Minister of Chance stars Jenny Agutter, Sylvester McCoy, Philip Glenister and Tamsin Greig alongside McGann, and is free to download from iTunes or from, where fans can also get involved in the film campaign.