“I want to teach of the beauty to be found in dereliction” David Wilde at Art at 41

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“I want to teach of the beauty to be found in dereliction” David Wilde

David Wilde: Colours, Kaleidoscopes and Broken Mirrors
ART AT 41, 41 Hoole Road, Chester, CH2 3NH.
//22nd November – 20th December 2014
Open Tuesday to Friday 9.30-5.30
Free General Admittance

David Who? A man, unknown to the art world, but whose works demand attention. David Wilde’s (1914-1974) works were not intended for an audience, he did not seek out fame, recognition, not even the sale of his works. However, thirty years after his death, ART AT 41 in working with Wilde’s closest friend – David White – have succeeded in bringing the full array of these pieces to the viewing of the general public.

Wilde led an interesting life, surviving factory air raids as a draughtsmen in the War, exhibited alongside Dali and Picasso during his lifetime for his successful erotic illustrations, and going on to die under mysterious circumstances whilst writing an expose on the aristocracy. However, what people do not know about Wilde was his life’s secret work, these experimental landscapes that are now for the first time on display.

Colours, Kaleidoscopes and Broken Mirrors offers the public an insight into a completely original perspective into the industrial and wartime past of Manchester and North Wales. Drawing inspiration from the European Modern Masters, David Wilde’s use of vivid colours, geometric lines, and an unsettling viewpoint have captured the beauty of dereliction, leaving the viewer questioning their preconceptions of the North and 20th Century Northern Artists.

With several Tate patrons and major Lowry collectors interested in the David Wilde project, it really is an exciting time to experience these works. This exhibition will run for four weeks with free general admission and is kindly being funded by Alex Sharp from ART AT 41 and The Watergate Street Gallery.

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