Miss Kitty’s Asian fusion restaurant in Liverpool – inspired by the opium dens of Shanghai but very, very good for you…

Eating, drinking and entertaining in and around Cheshire is a true joy – and we have more than our fair share of unbelievably good restaurants and dining pubs to suit every occasion. And with Liverpool just half an hour or so away from Chester, our Northern neighbours are also offering sublime dining experiences around every corner… and I absolutely LOVE a trip over the River Mersey to check out their newest venues.

Liverpool is attracting Cheshire food lovers in their droves at the moment – which is mainly down to the sheer number of good quality establishments, many of them innovative ‘independents’ – plus its enthusiasm to show-off its recently found culinary and cultural status.

I have been lucky enough to make friends with a Liverpool PR company called Think PR, who have definitely identified the new bond between Liverpool and Cheshire. Cheshire folk are drawn to Liverpool’s charismatic and prideful approach to hospitality, and are certainly voting with their feet to dine in established restaurants and recently opened eateries alike.

My friends at Think recently invited me to Miss Kitty’s, an independently run Asian fusion restaurant conceived and designed by local entrepreneur, Rob Gutmann. Inspired by the tea houses and opium dens of Shanghai – this restaurant (upstairs) and cocktail bar (downstairs) is unbelievably cool… the slightly secretive, dimly lit entrance sets the tone as you ascend into a unique and intimate venue steeped in history and culture.

I loved it straight away – and as my fellow bloggers arrived we knew that, once again, Liverpool was just about to offer up yet another fabulous dining experience.

Exec Chef Luis Michael introduced himself and presented the food ethos of Miss Kitty’s ‘Our main aim is to remind people that Chinese food doesn’t have to be unhealthy or bland in flavours’

Miss Kitty’s Chinese menu is influenced by dishes from neighbours in Thailand, Japan and even India, as well as an extensive cocktail and drinks menu.
– we were all very hungry and very keen to get started…

The menu featured a selection of Nigiri, cold beef noodle salad, pan-fried sea bass with Asian vegetables, 6oz aged filet steak in soy and molasses, a selection of chicken, beef and vegetarian Ra-men (which we made ourselves from the best ingredients brought to our table) and a steamed Dim Sum experience. Our stunning meal was perfectly accompanied by a selection of carefully brewed teas such as jasmine and palette cleansing green tea- as well as a ginger based detox drink.

All meals were selected based on their MSG-free ingredients containing low levels of fat, salt and unrefined sugars, and each dish was carefully cooked to retain all nutrients and antioxidants. Staple ingredients such as ginger and garlic provided various health benefits ranging from improved digestion, to low blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

The staff at Miss Kitty’s were as charming and accommodating as the food was sublime; the sea bass dish was one of the tastiest I’ve ever had.

A massive thank you to Nathalie at Think PR for yet another amazing Liverpool treat, and I can’t wait to return with some Cheshire chums – the newly launched platter (including a little of every menu item) is definitely something I can’t wait to try.

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