Ladies! Release your inner-vixen with Jaine Briscoe Price …

Life is generally very busy!

As I’ve got older, I have noticed how hard it is to stay on top of doing the nice girlie things for one’s self that I seemed to spend so much time doing before. Work and business have taken over everything and prioritise themselves annoyingly right up-front – and the things that I took for granted until fairly recently are now confined well and truly to the back seat of my life.

The hours I used to spend pounding my bum into shape at the gym have been replaced with house-keeping, credit chasing and research & development – the blissful afternoon’s playing with my favourite make-up pallets before a big night out seem like a life time ago, and the weekly visits to the beauty salon are now – bi-annual!

Like most ladies who are small business-owners, the reality of our lives is much less glamorous then the perception – but one new We Love Cheshire client changed that round in just one afternoon.

Meet Jaine Briscoe Price.
Jaine is a fabulous photographer – and when you visit her lovely barn conversion studio in the depths of the Cheshire countryside, you are mesmerised by her amazing work. Jaine is not just a people person (her wedding work and family portraits are beautiful) – she is also a superb animal photographer and her equine photographs are stunning (she is a very keen horsewoman)…. But she has a slightly darker, mischievous side and I was incredibly curious when she asked me to take a closer look.

There is a closed door in the middle of Jaine’s studio, which every lady should enter at least once – because behind that door is where you’re made to feel ever-so-special for a whole afternoon –exclusively, just for you.

Jaine invited me to a Boudoir shoot – something I would never have thought about doing ever before. She went through every part of the experience in detail, which left me feeling very nervous but unbelievably excited, a real mix of emotions took over but I had a few weeks until ‘the day’ to chew it over.

I was sent a lovely package through the post telling me everything that I needed to know, and also what I should bring to wear. ‘Oh Lord’ I thought – now more worried than I was before about the distant memory of my size 10 figure and a modest sprinkling of self-confidence to go with it.

I had nothing to fear – the day arrived and my bag was packed with something playful for the bedroom, something sexy for the bathroom and something elegant and luxurious to finish off the oh-so-sexy story that had been created for me.

Jaine has an all-female team, which is important. I am so pleased with the pictures (more on that later), but I just don’t believe I could have ended up enjoying this experience so much if there had been any men around at all, no matter how experienced and professional they may have been.

I was introduced to her hair and make-up artist Jennifer Gooding, and the three of us set about deciding which outfits would make the cut while my feet were soothed in a warm moisturising footbath. Heaven. You can see these outfits for yourselves in the images, I am so happy with the choices as I felt amazing in every ‘scene’, but I particularly the love the playsuit that I wore ‘on the bed’ – this was at the start of the shoot and my inhibitions disappeared within minutes.

Of course the outfits are only half the story, and I was absolutely delighted with my hair and make-up. I hadn’t looked at myself in that way for years – literally. Talk about feeling a million dollars! And the experience was made even more decadent with a glass of pink fizz while Jen worked her magic.

I spent the next 3 hours posing, pouting, taking things off and feeling absolutely fabulous. Believe me ladies, your inner-vixen will certainly come out to play from start to finish. I had a ball – and I surprised myself in the most positive way. I left that afternoon all the richer from this fabulous experience – I defy any lady not to enjoy it just as much.

But that’s not the end of my story. A week later it was time to return to choose my photographs. I took my boyfriend with me, I hadn’t told him too much about the shoot itself so he was in for a shock. We both were! Jaine invites you back into the studio to view all of your images on a big screen and this is where you totally understand why she does what she does – my images were as fabulous as the shoot itself. I felt like a lady and a tramp all at the same time. I am so proud of them, and we ordered an album there and then that I don’t think will ever sit at the back of the cupboard (although not one for the grandchildren!)

Thank you Jaine, I cannot recommend this experience highly enough, I hope that my photographs speak for themselves.

‘Boudoir at Home’ 

Jaine also offers her fabulous service in the comfort of your own home. She would be delighted to come and give you the entire experience of a full studio boudoir shoot at your leisure – by the pool, in the kitchen, the stables, the bedroom – you can create your very own story.

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