INTRODUCING our fabulous new client – TRILBY PHEASANT!

Asking Simon and Claire, owners and curators of Trilby Pheasant what this beautiful, eclectic emporium is all about they tell us …

‘It’s simpler to say what we are not …’

‘You see life is just getting faster and it seems greyer … we don’t want to be in that race and in fact we are proud not to be … Trilby Pheasant has got to stand out …’

‘And if being successful against what big retail is offering right now is the race… we are running an entirely different one.’

Trilby Pheasant is small, independent, owner run and operated, with a fantastic proud tiny team. Andrea and Victoria who help us also share the week around family and creating products to sell instore.

‘we set out to create a new way for us to work and to do this firstly through creating a space that is fun and people enjoy. We want to stand out and want creatives and makers to make this journey with us.’

Authenticity is key for us too.

And providing some real great old fashioned customer service;

Being proud to be different and Great Britain.

“We can’t and don’t offer the same as online beasts or grey sheds. The practicality of this shopping experience can not be contested. But it has no heart. You can’t have a laugh with it, grab a coffee and a chat …, truthfully we want a great face not no face.”

The face is evident in the attention of the much remarked upon windows and displays … feedback from customers telling us … it’s like a little part of Nottinghill…London just came to Hawarden and North Wales’ answer to Anthropologie … “

So if you haven’t got it yet — Trilby Pheasant is not on the High Street!

We bring the best of the city and the country together – being on the ‘fringes’ or in our case the border helps! It’s a community thing. We want to be part of where we live.

Simon’s brainchild, and “definitely our new baby and third child “ birthed in Hawarden village.

Claire curates and sources the clothing, gifts and jewellery. Simon is the creative showcasing his amazing photography in Gallery 15 and hunting the vintage finds and antiques that are housed in the newly opened vintage souk.

Simon’s infectious authenticity to bring people together and work in a different way is uncompromising.

Straight talking and candid about a ‘community’ that supports each other Gallery 15 is also an exhibiting space to support creatives to thrive.

So, if asked … how to sum this great place up …

“We are trying to put the fun back into retail and create a energetic space for a lively gallery and a vintage souk of treasures. It’s about supporting and creating personal stories.”

And on another level ..

We want the village to come alive again
We want to really be apart of this lovely Village and to strive to get the city (Trilby) and country (Pheasant) to work together …

And finally we do this as The Doughty Family – Simon, Claire, Olivia and Summer

Where everyone has a say in the way we work ….