Booths Media City Revamp Success Sales of “Food to Go” increase by 90%

Booths Media City, has been given a new look, improving and broadening the range of ‘Food to Go’ options giving customers more convenience and choice, while retaining core shopping ranges.   Sales of the new “Food to Go Ranges” have seen an increase of 90% since the changes were made last month.

Booths recently won “Food to Go Retailer of the Year” by the Sammie Awards that recognise excellence in the sandwich industry. Booths prides itself on delivering the best food and drink in the region, sourcing all the finest ingredients and when possible sourcing them locally from Yorkshire, Cumbria, Cheshire and Lancashire.

Key changes include enhanced hot counter ranges with the addition of a soup and hot sandwich bar. Further changes include an extended deli and salad bar with the introduction of a new breakfast bar and patisserie counter.

Store Manager David Sellers says, “Food to Go is a key area of focus for NPD at Booths and our new ranges embrace our sourcing ethos working with great suppliers and ingredients.   We listened to shopper feedback improved the range and kept the essentials that everyone loves.”

“We’re thrilled with the positive changes we’re making at Media City and our customers are enjoying the vastly expanded new ranges.”

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