As I have written so many times, I absolutely love my job!

And the reason is that I am lucky enough to work with some really passionate people doing some really great things!

Take Trilby Pheasant in Hawarden for example. Owners Claire and Simon quit the corporate world to create a gorgeous lifestyle emporium in one of my favourite close-by villages. Hawarden is pretty and charming, and Trilby Pheasant, with its heady mix of local and national designers fits perfectly within this well-heeled and slightly bohemian community.

And its no wonder, as Claire has a very keen eye when it comes to all things country fashionista!

Claire met young make up artist and all-round cool czech chick Andrea Barikovâ a couple of years ago when she relocated to Hawarden. Trilby Pheasant was then in its infancy and Claire was keen to create a local brand which could take on up coming and creative makers, and Andrea certainly fitted the bill with her über-cool jewellery label One Jewel.

Andrea has always been a creator and designer – she became a Master in Makeup in her home city of Prague and studied glass making in London for 2 years, and has now been creating fabulous festival inspired jewellery for the last 6 years.

Andrea’s collections are fun, affordable and completely unique – you won’t find another collection quite like it. My favourite pieces are her gorgeous feather festival earrings and I can’t wait to wear them at this year’s Isle of Wight Festival later this month.

Mooching about at Trilby Pheasant is a real treat for me – Claire has curated the most gorgeous items, brands and collections and has created a really special place in this idyllic village. Every couple of weeks I will be telling a story about another of her featured designers, so please keep reading!

If you haven’t discovered ONE HUNDRED STARS yet – then now is the time! This is a beautiful collection of Gowns, Kimonos and Summer Sacrves in the most fabulous prints (the gorgeous gowns are favoured by Nigella Lawson when she films her slightly saucy midnight feast scenes). Claire is the only stockist of ONE HUNDRED STARS in the area – so pop in and take a look.

FIND OUT MORE about Trilby Pheasant HERE via We Love Cheshire!