Fancy a perkier bottom? I get the 360 Bum Lift treatment from Chester Lipo and the results were amazing!

You may have read my blog ‘How I lost 2 and 1/2 inches at Liverpool Chester Lipo this week …’ when I lost a whopping 2 ½ inches from my middle region with their marvellous ‘4 Point Tummy Tuck’ (posted 29th November).

Not only was it a really pleasant and relaxing experience, but I am very pleased to report that the results kept on improving in the following days, and I am still smaller in those areas than I was before!

As I promised myself in that pre-Christmas blog – I have been a very good girl with regards to my health & fitness so far in 2019 (probably due to the new apple watch I received from Santa), and have been running around 6k approx. 5 days a week since the beginning of January.

But lets be honest, I am now 44 years of age – and a few years of neglect have taken their toll. So this is very much more of a change of lifestyle than a quick-weight-loss-fix – and I feel so much better as a result. My body is changing shape slowly but surely, but who would say no to a little more help in the posterior region if it was offered? NOT ME!

I have become a massive fan of Chester Lipo since my November visit. The place is immaculate and the staff are so professional, knowledgeable and friendly, I couldn’t wait to return, and this time for a their revolutionary ‘360 Bum Lift’.

This is a completely non-intimidating and professional environment – a lovely welcome is always guaranteed at Chester Lipo. The 360 Bum Lift is non-invasive lipolysis treatment available to men and women – there is no pain but plenty of gain with this one! The therapists use a combination of 4 technologies and techniques to reduce and reshape your bottom, with – once again – superb results.

The 360 bum lift at Chester Lipo uses a clever combination of fat freezing, radio frequency, cavitation and shockwave therapy to stimulate collagen and make the bottom look more rounded. It tightens the surrounding skin, and reduces inches above and below the bum cheeks to give it a perkier shape.

Now, I would have given you before and after pictures of my bottom if I were a little bit younger – but, given that fact that I am 44 years of age as mentioned – I have decided to keep these images to myself. But please take my word for that fact that this made a dramatic difference to the shape of my bum, and the appearance of my skin – if you have some stubborn cellulite that you’d like to get rid of, then this treatment is perfect for you too.

This is a picture of Danielle Lloyds lovely bottom when she had the same treatment a few months ago;

As I have said before – Chester Lipo is a very safe, clean and professional place to visit. I have identified a number of other treatments that I would like to try, seeing as the results from my previous visits have been so good – so I will be booking in again very soon.

Thanks again guys, we are so lucky to have you in our city.