Caroline Gears Up For Marathon Of Her Life

A Chester charity worker who ran in the face of cancer is set to take on the biggest race of her life next month.

Breast cancer survivor Caroline Allkins was forced to defer her place at the Virgin Money London Marathon in 2018, after she was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2016.

After waiting to be selected in the ballot for many years, Caroline was finally chosen whilst she was undergoing chemotherapy, radiotherapy and an upcoming breast reconstruction and was shattered when she couldn’t fulfil her dream.

But thanks to her grit and determination, the mum-of-two is back to health and is set to run the race of her life in London on Sunday, April 28th.

Caroline, 46, said: “Training is well underway now and I’ve got goals of 16, 18 and 20 miles, and maybe 20-22 when I return from skiing in early April. Then to taper it! Alongside the training for long runs, I will do one four mile run, one six mile run a week, plus swim, spin and pilates.”

Despite her ill health, Caroline ran and walked throughout her treatment and says her training helped her to focus ‘even on the dark days’.

Caroline, who lives in Heswall, has been dedicated to putting in the race practise and even ran 13.1 miles in the Liverpool Half Marathon on Sunday (March 10th) alongside loving husband Roger, which they completed in 2hours and 7minutes.

“It was a very wet and windy half marathon so really pleased, especially with the awful running conditions,” she added.

Caroline has been hailed as an ‘inspiration’ by her colleagues at DSN, including Executive Operations Gill Reeder, whom said she was immensely proud of her efforts.

“Caroline has ran into the face of cancer over the past two years and to see her fight and endurance to get through not only the treatment, but these races, is truly wonderful,” said Gill.

In April 2019, Caroline will also be celebrating another special milestone. As the daughter of two Deaf parents, Caroline has dedicated her life to become a British Sign Language (BSL) interpreter and will mark her 25th year at Deafness Support Network in the same month she will run the London Marathon to raise funds for DSN.

“It’s a very significant year for me and a great milestone to have reached. I am putting in so much time to be able to complete the 26.2 miles and I really hope that people can find even just a small way to support the run and DSN all the way to finish line.”

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