Charity cocktail event to reveal the shocking secrets of the animal kingdom!

We all know that the animal kingdom is incredible; but very few know it’s most bizarre secrets.

In a distinctly adults-only cocktail evening, experts from Chester Zoo will be the guests of honour at The Alchemist, providing an insight into the weird and wonderful mating habits of animals.

We all know human dating is tricky, but imagine being a male Komodo dragon when the females have done away with the need for males altogether. The event promises to leave people astounded by what they see and hear. Discover the surprising sexual habits of Madagascar’s fiercest predators and the story of a fish that changes sex as it gets older.

The light-hearted affair is being held at The Alchemist in Chester City centre on Thursday 16 May, starting at 6:30pm.

Tickets, which include a cocktail, rum samples and nibbles, are £18.72 per person with £5 from every ticket sold going towards one of the zoo’s vital conservation projects, striving to protect Andean bears in Bolivia from extinction.

To book a place, please visit

A few interesting tit-bits…

  • Water boatman insects have singing penises! They can create noises up to 99 decibels by rubbing their penises on their abdomens (a process called stridulation)
  • Female Komodo dragons are able to lay fertile eggs without ever coming into contact with a male – a process called parthenogenesis
  • Snakes and lizards have two penises – known as hemipenes
  • Barnacles have the largest penis compared to body size in the animal kingdom – it is 40 times the length of their body